Humanitarian Activities

During this action GMWA doctors donated the clothes and shoes to children of Lagodekhi.

In December 2009 GMWA held the humanitarian action in Mokhisi in the settlement of IDP from South Ossetia. The IDP were examined medically and received the medicines from GMWA members.

Since its establishment GMWA held the following humanitarian actions:
December 2001 Word Vision transferred to GMWA women clothes, wish was speeded by GMWA members, between doctors and medical staff of different clinics, retired, vulnerable and displaced women doctors
Humanitarian action provided in Tbilisi Women’s Prison The action covered the medical examination and medical donation to prisoner women. At the same time GMWA performed the round table " The treatment of menopause", after wish was organized the selling of flowers planted by prisoners.

The received amount was given to prisoners, for the medicines and hygienic supplies. May 2002
GMWA carried out the humanitarian actions in Telavi, Sagaredjo, Machkhaani, Tsalka’s Hospitals, Tbilisi I. Pagava Institute of Pediatric ( 2002-2007) Actions covered free medical examination, donation of medicines and clothes for patients and Hospitals staff.
GMWA members in accordance with their possibilities, helped retired and vulnerable women doctors by medicines and free medical care.
Humanitarian actions was performed by support of “Word Vision” and “Acts Georgia”