Scientific Practical Conferences

In July 2009 the Scientific Practical Conference and establishment of Adjara Regional branch held place in Batumi.
Professor Tamar Kezeli presented to doctors the Pharmacological Formulary edited by WHO. Professor T.Kezeli composed this book.
The book was donated to family doctors of Adjara Region.

In April 2009 GMWA organized the scientific practical conference and humanitarian action in Gurjaani, Kakheti Region. The GMWA established its Regional branch in Kakheti. (the previous action of GMWA was establishing its branch in Sagarejo).
During the Conference the GMWA board member, Professor Tamar Kezeli , presented to doctors “Pharmacological Formulary” edited by WHO. The book was composed by Professor T. Kezeli.
The "Pharmacological Formulary" was donate to family doctors of Kakheti Region.
During this action GMWA doctors donated the clothes and shoes to children of Lagodekhi.

GMWA obtained the license of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affaires of Georgia To carry out the continuing medical education. March 2003

GMWA performed following Scientific Practical Conferences:
Scientific Practical Conference: "Women always yang and beauty" Schoolchildren’s Palace of Georgia Tbilisi October 2001.
The cycle of lectures "Women Health in menopause" concerning hormone replacement therapy. Tbilisi, May-June 2002.
Scientific Practical Conference "Actual Problems of Medicine" with special trainings according to the program of continuing medical education . Batumi, July 2003.

"The Scientific Practical Conference “Obesity-Diseases or Lifestyle “ Tbilisi, “Sheraton Methekhi Palace Hotel” February 2004.

Scientific Practical Conference "The Modern Methods of Treatment in Internal Medicine" Gurjaani , February, 2005
The Conference dedicate to the “World Heart Day” Kutaisi, September 2005.
The Scientific Practical Conference "Peculiarity of Heart Diseases in Women" Tbilisi, April 2007
The Scientific Practical Conference:” Help Women to Stay Yang” Tbilisi, June 2008

GMWA organized the Central European Regional Congress of MWIA "Women Always Healthy and Yang". The Congress was attended by the President, President Elect, Past President Secretary General, Treasurer, Regional Vices Presidents, members of the Swedish and German Medical Women’s Associations. In Congress work despite of bargain doctors participated 17 foreign doctors from 9 countries. International Center of Culture "Muza" Tbilisi 20-21 May 2006
The above mention Conferences took place by the support of GMWA Sponsors-the Pharmacological companies:
“Pfizer”; “Roche”; “Les Laboratoires Servier”; “Sanofi Aventis”; “ EGIS”; KRKA”; MSD”; Innotch International”; “GPC” “GMP”; “Spesfarma”; “Bionorica”; “ABC Pharrmaceutical”; “Lundberg”; “Novo Nordisk”; “Berlin Chemie”; “Bayer Shering Pharma”; “Solvay Pharma”. “Nicomed”.