About Us

About Us
Georgian Medical Women’s Association -GMWA was established in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1999 by the initiative of General Director Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction Professor A. Khomassuridze.
GMWA is affiliated member of Medical Women’s International Association- MWIA. MWIA was founded in New York in 1919. Today MWIA is the Federation of Women’s Doctors National Associations and Individual members from 88 countries in all five continents. MWIA. has the Category II Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council-(ECOSOC) and maintains official working relations with World Health Organization. http://www.mwia.net
GMWA unites more than 50 women doctors of different medical profession. ,Among them are Heads of Clinics Departments, Professors well known doctors in Georgia.

According to the mission of MWIA the aims of GMWA are:
  • To encourage communications and friendship among Georgian Women’s Doctors and Women Doctors from other countries without regard to race, religion or political views.
  • To assist and promote the International cooperation of Georgian Women doctors in the field of Practical health care and medical Sciences.
  • To help Georgian Women Doctors to improve their professional skills, to exchange professional knowledge and experience with colleges from different countries.
  • To carry out scientific and epidemiological investigations, educational work, another activities directed toward improvement of population, especially women’s health, encourage healthy life style.
  • To help retired, single, vulnerable women doctors and yang mothers to improve their health and life’s conditions.
  • To overcome gender related differences in health and healthcare between women and men, girls and boys throughout Georgia.